Herpes Treatment Options

Herpes Treatment Options

Herpes Treatment Options

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by the herpes simplex virus. The virus is incurable as it remains in the host’s body forever. It embeds itself in their system only to manifest later after it is triggered by body conditions. The disease is incurable but its symptoms can be treated and controlled with medication and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The anti-viral medications will assist in suppressing the symptoms leading to fewer outbreaks or no outbreaks at all. Some individuals might not really show the symptoms after infection this is due to a perfect immune system that is strong enough to counter the virus operations. In terms of treating the herpes symptoms, there exist different forms of medication. This medication ranges from normal anti-viral medication to subsequent herbal medications that serve the same purpose.

Common anti-viral medications include Zovirax and Valtrexboth of which help suppress the virus operations. The medications are good in a lot of ways but they are mostly accompanied with very unpleasant side effects. This makes them unsuitable for children who might find it difficult to stand the side effects of this medication. There are other subsequent forms of medication that one can choose from to help in suppressing the symptoms. As stated earlier, the symptoms are different in different individuals and the medication will work differently on different individuals. Creams and herbal medication might be effective in other individuals and ineffective on others.

Any infected individual should, with this in mind, seek medical advice on the best medications that will suit them perfectly. Herbal medications might be advised by other infected individuals who happen to have had similar symptoms. Treatment of Cold Sores Herpes SimplexCreams exist that once applied on the lesions, will see the infected experience less pain as the creams decrease the pain and also help in drying the lesions into scabs that will be seen to disappear with time. Natural treatment in most reported cases is more effective than taking prescription medication. The herbal medication is also advantageous as it has no side effects at all.

Doctors will advise on the best suited form of treatment for any patient in regards to the symptoms and how frequent they occur. These symptoms, with proper medical attention and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, can be cured and even treated to have the infected have fewer outbreaks that will decline with time getting to a point where the outbreaks don’t show at all. The different treatment options that exist from which an infected can choose from will have the infected back to living their normal life.

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